Desert Challenge Games
May 10-14, 2017

Final Classification Results:
International - PI

International - VI
National outcomes

Final Classification Schedules for 2016:
International - PI
International - VI
International - II
National - Track, Field, Archery

Please note: Due to a large number of requests, the VI Classification appointments will take place on Wednesday, May 11th and Thursday, May 12th at the Doctor My Eyes clinic in Scottsdale.

Each athlete will be classified according to his or her functional ability, allowing him or her to compete against athletes with similar abilities.
Each athlete who submits an entry to compete at the event must provide proof of permanent World Para Athletics (International) or National classification. Athletes who do not have an international or national classification issued by their country of residence must complete a request for classification through the online registration system.

If the athlete is unsure of their classification, please contact Sherrice Fox at for guidance.

Please note: As part of the World Para Athletics Grand Prix, all athletes ages 14 and older that are interested in competing with the World Para Athletics Grand Prix MUST have or request an international classification.

Athletes with an intellectual impairment are eligible to compete in the track, field and swim events. Athletes that have not been nationally classified prior to this event should contact Barry Holman at for information on national classification. The 2017 event will also offer International Classification for Intellectual Impairment (II) for track and field events only. The option to request an appointment will be provided through the online registration system. Athletes with intellectual impairments must first establish eligibility prior to requesting an World Para Athletics License or requesting an appointment. US athletes should contact Barry Homan at and International athletes should contact INAS to complete the first phase of eligibility for classification.

National vs. International Classification - What path do I take?

Requirements for individuals requesting an International Classification appointment
  • Athletes must have an World Para Athletics License /SDMS number to request an appointment.
  • Athletes with a physical impairment (PI) must have a physician complete the required paperwork at least 4 weeks prior to the competition. (deadline April 12) Download
  • Athletes with a visual impairment (VI) must have an eye doctor complete the required paperwork at least 4 weeks prior to the competition. (deadline April 12) Download
  • Athletes with an intellectual impairment (II) must complete the required paperwork at least 4 weeks prior to the competition. (deadline April 12)
  • How to complete the MDS forms - Download

Athletes that do not submit the required paperwork prior to the 4 weeks (April 12) deadline cannot be guaranteed an appointment for international classification.  

How to check your classification status:

  • US Athletes can verify their classification and/or classification status HERE.
  • US and International athletes can verify their classification and/or classification status on the MASTERLIST provided on the IPC web site.


Sherrice Fox is the USOC representative responsible for World Para Athletics licensure and classification. All Medical Diagnostics forms for US athletes must be turned in to Sherrie Fox at least 4 weeks prior to the appointment date.

Any athlete from Canada that needs to be classified should contact Ella at 

International athletes must contact their National Paralympic Committee (NPC) to find the appropriate contact for submitting the Medical Diagnostic forms.